On The Cutting Room Floor

Big news of the day is the short story was submitted to the publisher. Now I wait. And try to act like I am patient and not obsessing over it. So, this is the only mention I will make until I hear back from said publisher.

The WIP was tweaked today. The story board wall was worked on. Chapters were sorted. Notes were made. The outline was updated. Some really lovely scenes were cut. It happens. It's painful to cut scenes. Especially when one likes them so much. But, this particular scene had to go. It was going to cause too much difficulty for the HEA/HFN for the main characters. On the other hand, the great thing about cutting scenes is that they can always show up later as free reads after the book is published.

I also had some fun today chatting with tweet friends. Amara Devonte who is lovely and has a fabulous blog entertained me with her witty repartee. Another tweet friend Rawiya, aka Michael Mandrake, nicknamed my gay muse! So, let it be known that 'Boo' is my muse and I might just let him take over and blog once in a while. After all, he directs this cast in my head.

The talented S.J. Frost wrote a lovely, well thought out article about Professional Courtesy over at FAB blog.

And an item on my bucket list will have to be crossed off. Not because I did it, but due to the fact that it no longer can be done. The Apex in Washington, D.C. closed it doors.

Here is a pic of the storyboard wall: