Shout Out, Free Reads or Why I Am Not a Web Elf

I apologize if you stopped by earlier and the link to Scholar's Rock wasn't working. It's working now, you can find Chapter Five here.This is what happens when I don't cross all my t's and dot all my i's before sending my blog out into the great WWW. So, no I am not a web elf-- my DIY skills are just enough to keep me from making a complete mess of this website. Somedays I just do it better than others.

So, since I've got you here-- again-- I'll link you to some news and FREE READS!

I want to give a shout out to my writing group partner Kortny Alexander for her book release today! Yay Kortny! Check it out -- Love, Interrupted (it's a m/f romance). She's having a contest!

More FREE READS! Check out West Thornhill's Silver Flash story, a serialized weekly flash about an artist (Crypt) and a mechanic (Mack). M/M yumminess!

Yes, MORE FREE READS... Cherie Noel has an excerpt from her WIP over at Tales From the Writing Cave.