Music, Pictures, and a Ceiling Eating Raccoon

A strange, wacky day is finally coming to an end. This is what I get for trying to function on two hours of sleep.

  • My PA is still off on another job until Aug. 17-- but, wakes me up every morning because she is awesome like that.
  • A fun lunch with Amanda Young that ended up lasting nearly five hours! Bookstore Shenanigans!
  • An interrupted cell phone call with Amanda Corlies who has unreliable cell reception up in Maine. And I can never stay connected if I move around my house too much.
  • A partial ceiling collapse in my kitchen which looks to be the work of gremlins or maybe a stray raccoon. (very messy and thanks to Rage Boy for helping me clean up)
  • A walk down memory lane that included listening to Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, and Japan while scanning pics from a long ago past. Including this one of kissing and I am the one being kissed. 
  • (This was taken sometime in the early 90's and I am wearing a silk kimono)


And NPR released Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books and five of my personal favorites are in the top ten. Wonder who can figure out which five are my picks?