Stuff Without Musing

Well, I just had my first experience with losing an entire blog post. (Insert lots of colorful adjectives here and a break from technology).

I don't think I have it in me to recreate the entire thing. I am going to skip the musings and go straight to sharing the news.

Jordan Castillo Price has the second electronic edition of Mannikin out today. This is book three in the Channeling Morpheus series. And the elusive Manna Francis is over at The Slash Pile answering questions about The Administration (aka Mind Fuck). These are two of my go to authors for reading and re-reading. These are complex, darkly erotic, and sometimes violent tales of gay fiction. Consider yourself warned.

Writer Beware Blogs warns about an award for self-published authors. And finally, artist Paul Richmond gets back at a rip off artist. Good for him!