Introducing Willow

This is Willow...

Willow hides in her crate whenever I try to take a picture of her (don't let her sad face fool you, she's just upset that I took her picture). I don't know why she is afraid of the camera or the cell phone, but she is. Anyway, she is a short hair Border Collie that likes to stare at me. She rarely barks and has no idea what a stranger is. Border Collies are incredibly smart so I spend a lot of time pretending to be smarter than she is. Despite my best efforts I am a sucker for this dog and so is everyone who meets her.

Today, Willow sat near me and stared at me very hard. I imagine our conversation going something like this:

Willow: why do you keep typing and ignoring me?

Me: why are you staring at me?

Willow: why don't you get away from the computer?

Me: why are you still staring at me?

Willow: why don't we go outside?

Me: would you please stop staring at me?

Willow: if we go outside I will stop staring at you. And don't you dare bring that camera.

And then we go outside and my dog promptly ignores me to chase birds, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, and whatever else she can find. I don't take the camera because she is smarter than I am. The staring works.