Who Doesn't Love Cats?

Summer vacation is coming to an end here. It's interesting because my youngest has opted to finish high school early and go to college. So, while all of his friends are getting ready to go back to school he is not. My days of parenting school kids is over and now I have college kids. I don't know if I am wistful for those dog days of summer where we trek all over finding just the right school supplies or if I am thankful those days are gone. Either way I am grateful I don't have to get up at the crack ass of dawn any longer and convince overtired teenagers to get out of bed.

Work at Office Andi continues slowly at the moment. Lots of editing has been going on. Word count is down to next to nothing at the moment. I do manage to write everyday even if it's not what I want to write-- or maybe it is what I want to write because I am writing it.

I've introduced my dog Willow-- I also have three cats who are kind enough to let us live here with them. I will introduce them soon. For now enjoy this very funny mockumentary about Kittywood Studios (via The Mary Sue):