May Contain Subject Matter That Squicks

**Possible squick topics below

My PA aka Poe is returned. And with her return also came her big day into Pottermore. Yes, she is one of the lucky first one million into the site. She went shopping for books, a wand, an owl, and was sorted into her house. And on that note Writer Beware Blogs! continues to warn about PublishAmerica and their scam, er promotion *cough* to get new author's work seen by Ms. Rowling.

Over at Dear Author there is a discussion about cover art and copying the work of others. An interesting discussion continues in the comments.

Laura Baumbach talks about writing some new m/m romance over at Fiction with Friction. I look forward to more of her work.

Amanda Young has had another of her titles removed from Amazon. Fortunately, you can still find them here and here. And since I am on the topic of twincest or incest, here's a fun link to The Mary Sue and 10 of Our Favorite Incestuous Relationships.

And the lovely gay Australian couple I blogged about a while back are becoming foster parents. Congratulations!