Getting Personal or Not?

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday again. Chapter 4 of Scholar's Rock will be up first thing in the morning. I am in the final stretch of finishing SR Book One. Yes, there will be a SR Book Two and it may very well push itself to the front of the line.

Words are falling all around me and I can't type fast enough. That is what the homestretch is like at the end of a book. At least for this author.

Closing some tabs... Writer Beware has a good post up about Solicitation. Sunita over at Dear Author blogs about Author, Authorial Persona-- which gave me a lot to think about. And the online conversations which Sunita refers to are familiar to me as I have been following along. The internet is a complicated landscape.

As an author who blogs daily I have set some personal limits on what I share and don't share publicly. I have a fan page on Facebook and a personal page-- they are very separate accounts. I keep it that way for personal reasons. I do have a page at Goodreads and a Twitter. All of my public places are just that public. Very little of my personal business is public. That said, I am not hiding. My pictures really are me. My family, friends, etc all know I write gay erotica. It's good to set limits and remember to not over-share.This is only one part of the whole of me. And though it takes up a large percentage of my life it is just that a percentage.

And I am more than happy to answer questions and have conversations with readers. Leave comments or email me. I'd love to know what you think about Scholar's Rock.

Bon Nuit! And come back in the morning for SR Chapter 4.