I'm Back After a Four Day Hiatus

What a strange week. First I haven't blogged in four days which is odd in itself. Then on Tuesday we had an earthquake here in VA. As someone who grew up in Southern California it felt like I was home for about forty seconds. Thankfully, we survived an almost gravy boat incident as it slid precariously towards the end of the shelf in the dining room. All is well, the gravy boat survived.

Suffice it to say I don't have any earth shattering news to share. I've reverted back to vampire cycle. This means I am up all night and sleeping during the day. And no, I don't sparkle. I do bite though if one asks nicely.

In the world of self-pub/e-pub John Locke has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster. Joe Konrath blogs about it and has important stuff to say. Konrath also blogged today about who's the hottie in the publishing industry and I couldn't agree more. Readers and writers are the hotties!

And watch this 18 second video, it's worth it especially if you love kittens and light sabers:

Cyndi Lauper is amazing. When I was in high school (way back when) one of the projects I did for a theatre class was make my own music video of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and I have always admired Ms. Lauper's work reaching out to the LGBT community. September 1st she will be opening the first transitional housing community for LGBT's between the ages of 18-24. Read more about at Queerty.

Upcoming news on Scholar's Rock, GayRomLit, and other odds and ends will be coming over the next few days. Daily blogging is back in full swing. Just needed a few days to regroup and reorganize.