Shout Out To My Writing Group

First I want to shout out to my writing group partner Cherie Noel whose first book is coming out this Friday, August 5, at MLR Press:

Congrats Cherie!

Next I want to link you to my other writing group partner West Thornhill who is contracted with Silver Publishing and has been pariticipating in Silver Flash Wednesdays. Free reading is always fun!

My writing group has been a continuous source of support for me. I can't thank these authors enough or in any kind of words that convey how much I appreciate them.

* * * *

And now news of the day:

I blog about current events in publishing quite a bit here. I started blogging about it because it was fascinating to me as someone who is testing the waters with a combination of publishing avenues. I continue to talk about it because other authors and readers are interested in what is happening.

More conversations have been going on about agents and  their foray into the publsihing world. Over at Smashwords, Mark Coker, talked about Agents Entering E-Publsihing. He refers to Joe Konrath and Konrath's agents who are also offering services to their clientele who wish to e-pub. I want to point out that there is a vast difference in what Dystel & Goderich are doing vs. what Bookends are doing.

Dystel & Goderich are offering what Konrath refers to as e-stribution services. They are not, at least at this point starting their own publishing company. Bookends, LLC has started a publishing company that is according to them separate from their agency.

There is a big difference in offering services to an author in e-publishing and actually opening up a publishing company run by the agents who represent you. Vast difference. Ethical difference.

I have nothing against agents. Agents are great especially when you have a great one. I have nothing against traditional publishing. I have not been rejected by either. So, I have no axe to grind. I am just pursuing a different path and trying to educate myself and others along the way.

Continuing along that enlightening path David Gaughran blogs over at One Thousand and One Parsecs about two futures for publishing. It's entertaining and insightful.

And Facebook bought an e-book publisher. They say they are not getting in the e-pub game. I'll hold out on believing that one for now and see how things play out.

As for me I am writing away on Scholar's Rock. The secret project attached to SR is still in progress and I will share news as soon as I can. No Regrets, my other WIP, saw the light of day today and got some dusting off. Planning for GayRomLit continues as I pick some other author's brains for promo item help. Thanks so much to Carol Lynne, Damon Suede, and Amanda Young.