Less Musing More Shenanigans Sans Pants

So, a group of my friends are all partying in the far Northeast of America tonight and for the entire weekend. They are all graduating from grad school, the one which I took time off from. So, yep after this weekend the last of us--except moi-- is graduating. Wish I was there to party with them, but I am there in spirit and text and this blog and facebook and wherever the hell else I can send them Congratulation messages. X's and O's to y'all!

And for MJ: The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue. ~ Dorothy Parker

Oh, and I want this book! Yeah, I have a serious thing for Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. I am seriously a geek of graphic novels, comics, strange literature, and odd brilliant minds. And speaking of odd brilliant things I went on a Full Metal Alchemist binge today-- had to catch up with my kids. Just more evidence of my geekness.

In the writing world, I spent several hours working on backstory for Scholar's Rock. Stuff that may never see the light of day, but had to be done for me to move forward. I also tackled a to do list that seemed it would never end yet finally did.

Tomorrow coffee with my friend and fellow author West Thornhill! Yay for us for escaping from kids! (Okay more a yay for her, since hers is younger, and mine are practically independent).

And just because I like it. The Justice League sans the pants, except Wonder Woman via The Mary Sue via Fashionably Geek.