When Did You Figure Out You Were Straight?

Had a lovely and productive morning hanging out with West Thornhill. Who just by listening to me and making a funny suggestion solved a plot point in one of my WIPs. Yay, West!

Author and writing group partner Cherie Noel is having a big day today. Her first book, The Soldier & The State Trooper, came out today at MLR Press. Yay, Cherie!

My good friend, Amanda Corlies, is graduating from grad school tomorrow! Yay, Amanda!

There is a great review over at Lambda Literary on GLBT horror fiction. Author's reviewed include Rick R. Reed, Victor J. Banis, and Lee Thomas.

Writer Beware blogs about a Contest Alert and reading the fine print.

Joe Konrath covers The Same Tired Arguments over at A Newbie's Guide to Publishing.

At Chez Andi there was lots of administrative work done. I didn't expect to get much writing done today and surprised myself with knocking out another 3827k. Yay me!

And here's a great video from Davey Wavey via I'm Just Thorny: