Randomness and Stray Thoughts

My schedule is off it's tracks and everything is wacky. Seems to be a lot of that going around right now. When I read John Scalzi's blog Whatever a little while ago I just had to nod in agreement.

At least someone is talking about Apple and their new policy of no point of purchase links to ebooks. Eion Purcell is talking about here. (via Dear Author)This is an opportunity for publishers to create their own apps for consumers to buy direct from them. It will be interesting to see who actually jumps in.

In the world of LGBTQ fiction there is a new publisher -- Riptide Publishing. The announcement was made over the weekend and I spent some time looking over their site and business model. They've got a lot of information up. The store won't open until the fall of 2011. Read more about Riptide at Aleksandr Voinov's blog.

Scholar's Rock Chapter 5 will be up tomorrow. The initial plan for this whole Scholar's Rock project was to have the book out by mid August. For those of you who know a bit about publishing you won't be surprised to know that the date for release is going to be pushed back. So, what I need to decide is if I should put up another Chapter next week? I was going to stop at Chapter 5, but I really hate making people wait and wait. Oh, and did I mention that this project was a novella to begin with and has morphed into a full blown novel with a sequel. Yep, there will be more Deuce and Elijah in the future. There is a spin-off of Fallon's story as well.

What I should explain is that Fallon was the original story and I got a bit sidetracked with Deuce. The story of Fallon had been in the planning stages for a little over a year and just never quite got off the ground. As it turned out, Deuce needed his story first for Fallon's story to make sense-- at least to me. One day I'll write a blog post all about the creation of Scholar's Rock and it's cast of characters.

For now it's time to get back to work.