Summer Leaves and Fall Rushes In

My kids and I noticed some leaves changing color today. We are all excited for fall. There was fresh apple cider at the market which inspired us to buy lots of baking stuff. Soon we will be enjoying gingerbread cookies, pumpkin muffins, and apple pie. Yes, Ms. Corlies you will be getting your apple pie as soon as the weather cools off just a bit more.

With the changing of season I have been making some changes as well. I moved all of the furniture around in my office. I like the new configuration. Now, I have to add some art to the walls and re-do the storyboard wall.  I made some schedule changes and didn't like them too much, so I jettisoned some of the stress and am getting back to what I want to focus on. A few new stories and characters have shown up on my doorstep. So, for now I am putting all of the ingredients together to see what I can cook up.

In the meantime, go read Konrath, he's one lucky bastard! Where is my leprechaun?