News, Musings, Drunken Regrets

It's Monday and the work week begins with coffee. I had an enjoyable morning hanging out with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies. We've been trying to get together at least once a week. Looks like Monday mornings are going to be our regularly scheduled coffee talk times. This morning when we arrived West was busily writing away in her notebook-- she's way ahead of the rest of us in our writer's group with getting her weekly writing challenges done. Later Amanda was making up stories about boys in red shoes flirting with boys studying.

Over at Reuters is a small bit about Amazon in talk to launch digital book library. AAP (American Association of Publishers) reports that digital books sale are up and print sales are down. (both of these reports are via Dear Author: Monday Midday News along with some other interesting tidbits).

My writing group partner and published author Cherie Noel received an awesome review for her first published book The Soldier and The State Trooper. Dark Diva Reviews gives it 5 Delightful Divas! Go Cherie!

Two major events are coming up in the world of male/male fiction: YaoiCon and GayRomLit. Over at Hayley B. James' blog J.R. Loveless talks yaoi and vice versa at J.R. Loveless' blog Hayley B. James talks yaoi. I wish I could attend both, but I will be at GayRomLit since my dollars only stretch so far.

And if you've ever got up the morning after drinking and said "I Am Never Drinking Again" well, this is for you: