Ooooh Shiny Object

It's earlier than usual for me to be blogging, but I seem to have gleaned several shiny objects to share.

Over at Neil Gaiman's Journal he has a longish post about lots of stuff. Two things in particular caught my interest 1) a new Dave McKean book and 2) book sculptures, and more book sculptures.

Then over at Whatever, John Scalzi is talking about the YAGay thing. Mr. Scalzi isn't the only one talking about it either. Over at Publisher's Weekly there is more information about Gay YA. Also, Dear Author is talking about it too-- as well as Agents as gatekeepers who are making decisions about what will sell and what won't before it even reaches the publishing house.

Last night I mentioned the Amazon book-rental-thing and John Scalzi has a few thoughts about the Amazon book-rental-thing as well. So, on the topic of book rentals this is something I've talked with friends and family about many times-- the very possibility that one day there will be netflix like services which offer ebooks. That future seems closer and closer.

All in all it seems everyone is talking about the YAGay thing, the book sculpture thing, the book-rental-thing, and the Author's Guild lawsuit thing.