Openly LGBT Comics and Stuff

My lack-o-sleep meter is on tilt.

First there is a free read everyone should go enjoy over at West Thornhill's blog. Plus, West has links to all the other Silver author's who are doing Silver Flash Wednesday. Free reads are good.

More news in the world of comics. The New 52 from DCnU released Batwoman #1 and OMG it's a must read! Bloody Disgusting Comics has a great post up about it. And just to give you some info on Kate Kane aka Batwoman she's an out lesbian and kicks ass. Over at Bleeding Cool and several other places people are talking about Kevin Keller the openly gay character in Archie Comics. Kevin is getting married!

John Barrowman has a great idea for the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who-- a woman! Read more at The Mary Sue.

The Erotic Literary Salon has some news about Forbidden Fiction, a new publisher in erotica. I expect more news coming this week from several blogs about this past weekend's Erotic Authors Association's Conference which was held in Las Vegas.

As for me, lack of sleep is becoming a theme. It's the time of year when things get rather busy for my family and I find myself juggling several responsibilities as well as trying to keep some sort of work schedule. So, far it's been an epic fail. I churn out words when I can, most of which are being in filed in folders for later.