LGBT Publishing and Jedi Kittens

Today I started working on a super special secret project. My PA helped me gather some reference materials and we plotted how to carry out super secret special project. I am really excited about this. *rubs hands together*

In the world of publishing Huffington Post is now an e-Publisher. One of the first books out under their new publishing house is Aaron Belkin's How We Won: Progressive Lesson from the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. The Washington Blade has put out a best of LGBT books to read during the coming cold months. The Guardian has an interesting bit about Orson Scott Card's new book about Hamlet-- casting the old king as a gay pedophile. On that note, I've long been a fan of Subterranean Press as several of my favorite sci fi and horror authors publish there. On the other hand I am not such a big fan of Orson Scott Card. Of course I am not a fan of censorship no matter what the issue is. And since I've not read this book I don't have a particular opinion about it. That said I do have issues with Mr. Card. I am not a fan of his opinions of the LGBT community. Nuff said.

In the world of free reads, West Thornhill has another installment of Grease Paint up at her blog. Go enjoy it if you haven't yet. And if you need to catch up West has a nifty tab at the top where you can get all of the installments of Grease Paint on one page.

Finally, Jedi Kittens Strike Back!