Writing Prompts and Ten Minutes

Today I had two new story ideas fly out of my head. One is an idea for a Christmas themed comedy. The other is something I wrote for my writing group weekly challenge. We had a list of prompt ideas. So, I picked one of the items from the list and set my timer for ten minutes and wrote. Here is what came out of my head. Please take into account this has not been edited and was a really quick write for me.

Throwing Lucas by Andi Lea

“Dude that was a seriously strange funeral. Are you okay?” Riley sat down on the couch next to Lucas and bumped him in the shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Lucas leaned against Riley briefly and then sat back and took a deep breath.

“I can’t believe you are independently wealthy at sixteen.” Riley sat back and stretched his arms over the back of the couch.

Lucas could feel the warmth coming off of Riley’s body, so close to him. Lucas almost jumped off the couch, but he didn’t want to be too obvious.  In fact, Lucas wanted to lean into Riley and snuggle up. Instead Lucas tensed up.

“Hey? Are you sure you’re okay?” Riley slid an arm around Lucas’ shoulders and hugged him.

Lucas mentally counted to five, then slipped away, and stood up. “Iced tea.”

Lucas rushed to the kitchen and pulled a glass pitcher from the refrigerator and busied himself with finding glasses and getting ice. Riley followed him and leaned against the counter. Riley’s suit jacket was unbuttoned and his tie was loose. Why did Lucas always notice the little details?

“Do you think your mom is going to cause problems?” Riley took one of the glasses of tea that Lucas just finished filling.

“My Aunt Beatrice has a lawyer who is handling everything. He’s working on getting me emancipated.” Lucas took a drink of his own tea.

“That’s great.” Riley gulped his tea.

“Well, it’s not like my mom is around much anyway. I’ve been taking care of myself for a while now.” Lucas put his glass on the counter and took off his suit jacket. “I’m going to change. Then let’s look around the house.”

Riley was pouring more tea into his glass. “Can I just pick a room to stay in?”

“Make yourself at home.” Lucas went out to the foyer and grabbed his suitcase. Riley didn’t follow this time. Lucas made his way up the stairs to Pierre’s bedroom, which technically belonged to Lucas. He stopped at the double doors and took a deep breath. He missed Pierre desperately.

Two hours later the young men were in the study looking through scrapbooks and boxes of memorabilia. Lucas sat cross legged on the floor pulling items out of a steamer trunk that had been used as a side table. Riley was sitting in a club chair flipping through a scrapbook.

“This is really amazing.” Riley turned a page in the scrapbook. “They travelled all around the world with the carnival.”

Lucas held a small leather case in his lap and looked up at Riley. “Pierre was gay.” Lucas blurted it out before he had a chance to think about it. He looked down at the case in his lap and mentally kicked himself. He opened the case and stared at a set of knives. Pierre’s throwing knives.

“I know. Hey, look here’s a picture of Pierre with one of his lovers.” Riley slid off the chair onto the floor next to Lucas. Riley pointed at a black and white picture of two men.  “Isn’t that Randall?”

Lucas grabbed the leather case and looked at Riley. “How do you know about Pierre and Randall?”

Riley smiled and leaned close to Lucas. “Pierre told me when I told him I was gay.”