A Whole Day Away

It was coffee porn Monday with Amanda Corlies and West Thornhill. We managed to to spend the whole day getting away from kids, home, and computers. We had a great time and lots of laughing. Not to mention some oogling of a tattoed man in a kilt.

Now that I've been home for a few hours and dealt with kids, cats, and dog I can finally sit down and get some writing done. And tomorrow it's back to work on the Super Secret Special Project.

In other news Jordan Castillo Price unveiled covers for the new Petit Morts books! Amazing! I am really looking forward to more of these yummy tales and Clare London is joining the cadre of Petit Morts authors. The other thing I am looking forward to is The New 52 Teen Titans from DCnU. Today they announced a new character who is gay. Issue #3 will introduce this new character and his special powers.

I've just been informed by my PA that it is hard to find Darth Vader cosplay outfits for girls. Suggestions will be gladly accepted.