E-reader Owners Read More

Today was one of those office/paperwork days where I felt like I ran around in circles never quite catching my tail. Unfortunately, some of this administrative crap will have to continue tomorrow. Along with that my writing files on my computer have exploded into some kind of craziness. This happens from time to time when I have several projects in production at once. Seems to be my theme right now-- lots of production and feeling very little satisfaction, er completion. A lot more is getting done than I give myself credit for. My inner boss is a real bitch, in case I haven't mentioned that lately.

So, uh... e-readers anyone? Who has them? Well, according to Harris Interactive Harris Polls-- one in six Americans have e-readers. Yep, and us e-reader types apparently buy more books than the tree book people. And more Americans are expected to buy e-readers in the coming months. So, yeah this poll only surveyed a little over 2,000 people. The results are still interesting. Basically people who read e-books tend to read more than others. This does not surprise me. The average person reads less than a dozen books a year. I can easily read that many in one month if I don't have deadlines looming.

There seems to be some hub bub over something called PUBLUSH. Read about it over at Writer Beware Blogs!.

And now back to work. October is creeping up on me. Kinda freaking me out.