The PA does many, many amazing things for me. I probably don't tell her enough how much I appreciate her. She sends me funny email links, cooks, makes me laugh, and my life would be much, much less easy going without her. She does other helpful things involving the writing process. She has amazing IT skills that save me when I face-plant on the desk. She "tsks" at me when I stare at a blank screen and she laughs with me when I struggle over a document for four hours that has 33 words. I tease her that she is a "princess in training" because in a sleep deprived moment I misunderstood her saying "apprentice" when she told me about an opportunity at a tattoo parlor.

Today she baked toll-house cookies-- a serious weakness for me.

She also sent me this link to some great Halloween costumes. The Classiest Halloween Costumes, my favorite is The Petting Zoo: