Organizing Into a Mess

In an attempt to organize I ended up making a huge mess. I am sure I am not the only person who does this.  In the end I finally sorted my towering reference book pile into a more manageable book pile. At some point as these books become available in e-format I will switch over. Unfortunately, several of my gender studies books--in particular the feminist film ones are out of print and hard to find. So, I am down to two piles for two projects. One pile is full of film books, the other is full of books on myth, philosophy, and pop-culture. Ponder that.

I moved into this house at the beginning of the year. And I really love it. Part of my house is underground like a hobbit. Two of my windows are at the lawn level. Lucky for me there is a fabulous sliding glass door that opens to a overgrowing backyard that has a view of one of the local parks-- full of trees. Most of time I can't see my neighbors, but as the leaves fall that will change. So, I rearranged my desk in order to look over my neighbors rooftops. They are on the hill below me, so it works out nicely.

Tomorrow is coffee porn Monday. Amanda Corlies, West Thornhill, and I will enjoy our weekly get together. And then tomorrow evening we're meeting up with Amanda Young for dinner. It will be nice to see her again-- seems like ages since the four of us have spent time together.