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It's funny how the collective unconscious works. Or rather how it collects unconsciously. You know how when you are thinking about something and then suddenly other people are thinking or doing the same thing... that's what I am talking about.

Tonight I was watching a movie on Netflix through my Wii on my big ass flat screen TV and I realized how small my DVD collection is becoming. I put a moratorium on DVD purchases while I waited to see what would happen with Blu-Ray and in the meantime I found that I purchase more movies online and download them to my various electronic media.

I've talked a lot about ebooks and how technology will move forward. I've discussed it from the perspective of someone who worked in the music industry when CD's made their debut on the market and I witnessed the end of vinyl. Over the years I have abandoned my CD's as well and found that I prefer my music to be easily portable on my iPad, iPod Touch, and laptop. I don't buy CD's anymore as I find them cumbersome and a pain in the ass to store. Especially since I end up ripping all my music to one of my other devices and then the CD's just collect dust.

Over the past year or so I've also noticed that I've stopped buying DVD's as well. I have netflix, and I use Amazon, Hulu, etc for watching or purchasing other films. This phenomenom has also affected my bookshelves as I purchase more and more ebooks. I buy fewer and fewer tree books.

As someone who has moved a lot I find all of this really fantastic. Less to move. And I don't miss the tangible items at all. So, as it turns out Joe Konrath is blogging about the same thing today. It's nice to know I am not alone in this transition.

And on the note of things going digital IDW hooked up with Apple's iBooks and has released twenty five graphic titles. I am looking forward to this. I already utilize apps on my iPad for a lot of my comic book/graphic novel reading, but this is exciting news. I expect more digitizing in the future.

On another note, it's Wednesday and there is a free read you should check out over at West Thornhill's blog. More of Crypt and Mack and NSFW action.