Writing, Women, and Words

Seems I've been on roll with the comics industry so, I will just post two more bits of information.

The first is a link to a review of the new Batgirl #1, by Susana Polo over at The Mary Sue. This is part of the new 52 out this month from DCnU. DC has reissued all of the major comics back to issue #1. They do this every decade or so.

Other news in the comic world is a nifty site that has statistics on comics written, inked, colored, penciled, etc by women. The statistics are a bit sad: Women In Comics Statistics: The DCnU.

Last week in the world of m/m fiction Jordan Castillo Price received 5 out of 5 stars for Zero Hour. I highly recommend this read. Check out the review on Jessewave.

As for my own writing... words are slow. I am not fond of the term "writer's block" but I do think there are times when writers psyche themselves out so much that they stumble and there are other times when the well runs a little dry. It's not for lack of ideas or imagination. It seems to be more that I pushed myself hard for several months and needed to ease up. So, for now slow and steady is the only way I can keep my sanity.

In the meantime, I've been able to catch up on quite a bit of reading. It's the one thing I miss most when I am in writing mode. I am pretty black and white when it comes do doing things-- I find the grey areas to be too grey. I like to be consumed by whatever I am doing. Blogging everyday is a good sign that the consuming writing mode is not far behind.