It Ain't Over Until

the fat cats fill their pockets.

SOPA is not dead, it's a resurrected corpse that will be going to mark up in the Senate next month.

Tomorrow is Black Wednesday and I expect even more sites will be blacked out than people can even imagine. Oh, but wait, Chris Dodd (President of the MPAA) is complaining that this is a PR stunt and those protesting are using internet users as corporate pawns. Really?

I've been following this ridiculous legislation for a while now. I've tried to appeal to everyone who would listen. I've had moments where I was unsure we as a democracy of independent thinkers would come together and utilize this amazing thing called the internet to our democratic advantage. And now, that we finally are-- we're pawns according the those who back this insane legislation.

PR stunt? Let's see what happens over the next twenty-four hours.

And in case you don't understand the significance of this. If this legislation passes, more than likely you will lose any further opportunity to harness your internet freedom. You will not be able to black out your website in protest, because you probably won't have a website. You can say goodbye to the internet as you know it. You like Facebook? Well, it will become a shell of what you like. You reddit? I do. And I don't want to lose that place. Do you use tumblr? Google? Yahoo? The list goes on. And I am not screaming the 'the sky is falling' I am pointing out that slowly but surely the fat cats will abuse the language in that legislation. You will lose what you take for granted.

And at the end of it all... piracy will continue. More jobs will be lost due to this insanity. The future of innovation will be a completely different landscape. Those who have money to invest are not stupid and will not risk it in an environment where legislation such as this exists.

You like those funny cat videos? Well, you won't anymore. All the spoofs and parodies of television and films. Yeah, those will go away too.Why? Uh, copyright violation. Oh and they don't even have to prove it to get your site taken down. In fact, my entire website could be shut down just from the videos and pics I've embedded.

I really don't know how many times I have to say this. STOP SOPA, STOP PIPA, STOP INTERNET CENSORSHIP!