Some Goals Worth Mentioning

The week following New Year's is always a strange one. It's like coming down off this really long roller coaster ride, which seems I got on around Thanksgiving. Every year, I tell myself I will do things differently, and yet, every year I fall into the same old routine. Now, I stare at the holiday decorations thinking "oh right, you must come down now." I have to say I am about as interested in taking down the decorations as I am in mopping the floor (and I really freakin' hate mopping).

During my couch time over the past few days of feeling like crud I've managed to devour nine books. Seriously. If I had a superpower, it would be speed reading. Or maybe I already have that power? I know that last New Year's I set the goal of reading 300 books in 2011 and I beat that goal well before the year was over. I even managed to reread several of the books and series that I love.

This year I plan on cutting back my reading time and shifting it to writing. A lot of my reading was dedicated to getting a handle on two genres which I am writing. Now that I've done a substantial amount of research, I am ready to forge ahead with more writing.

Last year, I also set out to understand the world of publishing better. I am not sure I've acheived that. The publishing world is so topsy turvy and wrought with finger pointing-- I find I scratch my head quite a bit. Between the Big Six, Amazon, Smashwords, POD, Agency pricing, self-publishing, e-publishing, independent publishing, and the slew of small presses there is a lot to process. Not to mention social media, promotion, royalties, reviews, blogs, et al. So much to consider and so much change happening while considering it.

I did learn in 2011 that I love to blog. It has been the one constant, besides the reading and writing. I expect the blog to continue to grow in it's scope and audience.

In the meantime I've set two New Year's Goals for 2012:

1. To cut my dog's toenails without causing her to think I am trying to kill her.

2. To take pictures of said dog without causing her to think I am stealing her soul.

(Not what you were expecting?)