Win a Kindle Touch!

Head over to my collaborative YA LGBT project and check out the details on how you can enter to win a Kindle Touch Wi-Fi! The Ravens Crossing is an interactive, web based, YA LGBTQIA fiction project. Please check it out and pass it on to young adult LGBTQIA's that you know or anyone who might be interested reading some amazing stories. And it's all FREE!

Last week was busy and amazing! I am running on very little sleep, too much coffee. and adrenaline at this point. So, I just want to say that things here at musings & shenanigans should return to its regularly random ramblings soon. And yes, I am still working on adult romance. 2012 is going to be a big year of releases from me. Right now, the production schedule is in the planning and as soon as dates are set I will let you all know.