Win a Kindle and My First Story at The Ravens Crossing

Today my first YA LGBT story, Lucas & Riley, went live at The Ravens Crossing. I am like a proud mama when I go over there and look at it! Please go check it out, it's flash fiction under 1k words, and it will only take a few minutes. Plus, you can enter to win a Kindle Touch Wi-Fi!

This whole project at The Ravens Crossing has been an amazing labor of love for everyone at TRC. As the parent of a LGBT youth it has been a very personal experience. When my own child searched for YA books with LGBT themes it was near impossible to find any that had happy endings or allowed the couples to remain together. It's very rewarding to be part of a project that promotes happy endings.

And on that note of happy... I was completely gobsmacked today when one of my favorite authors, Jordan Castillo Price, blogged about The Ravens Crossing. You can read it here. I am still stunned. Jordan is an amazingly talented author and someone I look up to in the LGBT fiction genre as utterly professional. She has been a role model for me. So, it probably goes without saying that I am humbled and touched beyond coherent sentences. Thank you, Jordan.

Raising awareness and understanding for LGBT youth is incredibly rewarding. I hope you'll take time to look around at TRC and consider supporting our non-profit of choice, The Make it Safe Project. This incredible organization was started by an LGBT teenager and provides YA LGBT books for school libraries and youth centers who lack resources for those who are in desperate need of information and support.

And that is the driving force behind TRC. The overall vision is to provide young adults with a safe place online that entertains them with stories with happy endings. The couples are diverse, there is a cast of fun supporting characters, and all sorts of mystery is going on in the fictional neighborhood of Wildwood.