More Free Reads and Win a Kindle!

It's day three of YA LGBT flash fiction at The Ravens Crossing. Go read West Thornhill's first story of the week, featuring one of LGBT couples! And don't forget to enter to WIN A KINDLE TOUCH WI-FI!

If you haven't checked out this project I am working on, you really should. All of the stories are free, 1k or less flash fiction, and raise awareness for the YA LGBT community. There will be continuing storylines updated six days a week.

Today the team of TRC had our regular Wednesday, all day, meeting at Office Andi. I feel so lucky that all of the wonderful people who volunteer their time are able to get together in person. It's a long day, but we get an amazing amount accomplished. I can't thank everyone enough for arranging their schedules to accomodate this weekly brainstorming.

There are lots of surprises coming up in the next few weeks. So, be sure to stayed tuned and follow along. Share this project with LGBTQIA supporters, friends, family, teenagers, young adults, and anyone who is interested in an entertaining web series. This first season runs through July 7, 2012. Come often because you never know what kind of fun we'll be having over there and you won't want to miss out on the interactive content.

You've never seen anything like this on the internet before!