This Was a Seriously Bad Day in the History of Women's Rights

I've been busy all day editing. I just caught up on the news. WTF? I am not even sure where to begin. An all male panel discussed contraception on Capitol Hill and that is just the beginning of crazysauce involving the GOP. Read more about it at TPM. And here where I live, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, jeez... I am going to quote from Susana Polo at The Mary Sue,

All right. Virginia’s House of Representatives also just passed a bill 63-36 would require any woman who would like an abortion in Virginia to submit to a vaginal ultrasound and view the results before she is allowed to have the procedure. It is expected to also pass the Republican controlled Senate, and Governor Bob McDonnell has said he will sign the bill. One delegate has already apologized for referring to the majority of abortion cases as “matters of lifestyle convenience.”

Susana has a great post, that at least makes the news easier to get through. Head over to The Mary Sue to read it all.

I have made so many phone calls, written letters, and talked myself blue in the face urging legislators to defend women's human rights. I really do not understand why people women get behind these campaigns to take away their rights. You don't have to agree with contraception or be Pro-choice, but why be Anti-Choice? Why? I don't understand it.

The GOP is always blathering on and on about the Democrats expanding federal control, well hey GOP you do the same damn thing by enacting laws that prevent people from making their own choices. The Republicans just couch the control in legalese. Where will it end? When will women, all women, finally get up and say ENOUGH! I really hope they do it in November 2012 and vote for Human Rights, for Choice, for Women. Aren't you tired of defending your right to be human and make your own choices?

Censor the internet, define marriage as between one man and one woman, take away freedom of choice? Where does the right to live free come into all of this? Have you read The Declaration of Independence recently?

I was lucky enough several years ago to hear Al Gore give a keynote speech at the Silverdocs film festival. One of the things he said that has never left me "I have run out of room in my head to be mad about the government." Yes, yes, I have run out of room. Probably why I've spilled it all over my blog.


I am angry about losing women's rights. I am angry that we do not have marriage equality in all 50 states. I am angry that the entertainment industry wants to censor the internet by using legislators to get bills passed.


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