Bully, Have You Ever?

If you haven't heard about this movie, you should make a point of finding out more about it. You should go see it and take everyone you know to see it. I don't know anyone who hasn't been witness to or involved in a bullying incident at least once in their lives. It's a horrible experience.


One of my own children was bullied. And despite everything in my power to create a safe existence for this child, I ran into resistance from the school district, administrators, and other parents. Some of the most annoying things people say are "kids will be kids" or "boys will be boys" or "girls are just viscious at that age". Well, if we don't show them differently, what are they supposed to do?

The only way for me to protect my child was to move. And I have to tell you, I was one of the lucky parents who knew what was going on with their kid. Many kids do not tell their parents, or their parents don't take it seriously. And kids are killing themselves because of it.

Now, the MPAA has given Bully a "R" rating, effectively keeping the kids who need this movie most, from seeing it. Yes, it's honest, it's raw, unnerving, contains explicit language. But, I have to ask does anyone believe that kids don't hear this everyday? This is reality. Why are organizations, such as the MPAA, so overprotective?

And the MPAA is not just making news over this film. They are effectively trashing the creativity of filmmakers. The MPAA does not fund films, they have no financial investment any particular project, and they slap ratings on things with the most ridiculous guidelines of any industry. Even television gets away with more than film does, and these days everyone has a television in their home at the fingertips of their children.

This film is important. It needs to be seen everywhere, by everyone. Spread the word. Help save a life. Get involved. Make a difference.

The project I have been working on with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies is all about positive young adult fiction. The Ravens Crossing is about promoting positive role models who think before they speak and respect diversity. Help us change attitudes by sharing this amazing project that reaches out to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersexed, and Ally people. People like you, like me, like our children. Promote Human Rights, Equality, and Diversity.