Comics, Publishing, Chicken Processors?

So, Wednesday Feb 1, was Hourly Comic Day. It's a fun day and there are lots of comics around the web. But, you can find them here too, if you are interested:

Wednesday at Chez Andi was a very long meeting day with very long discussions and a very long list of deadlines. One deadline is looming at 11:59pm EST tonight! Ack! Thank goodness for the The PA and our new editor who are both working very hard behind the scenes to help Secret Project X get off the ground. I can't tell you much about Secret Project X, but I can finally announce that it is going live on Monday, Feb 6, 2012!

In other news, of the publishing kind, there is a boycott of Dorchester. Head over to Brian Keene's blog to get all of the information about the history, it's a doozy, and how several authors have NOT been paid along with a list of other grievances.

At The Authors Guild is an exceptionally well written piece: Publishing's Ecosystem On the Brink. It's chock full of the kinds of things that make one think. Like how has the closing of Border's changed the landscape of brick and mortar bookstores, big six agency pricing, how Amazon has become a monopoly, and what chicken processors have to do with publishing. It all comes together in an amazing sort of wow moment after reading it.