It's Tuesday Somewhere

Looks like everything is where its supposed to be. The sun keeps rising and I still have three kids, three cats, and one dog. Chez Andi hasn't burned down and I'm pretty sure people and animals have been fed regularly. (Thanks to the magnificent PA -- everyone should have one-- especially writers)

I have been completely wrapped up in a new YA LGBTQ novel. Which is a spin off story from The Ravens Crossing, which captured my imagination right after I finished a 5k short story about Lucas & Riley.

Did your eyes just pop out of your head? Did Andi just reveal that there is a 5k short story about Luc & Riley?

Yes, I did. Yes, there is. And yes, it will be posting on the TRC website in April. So, if you've been just itching for a little more of the boys, you will be getting it. (After the fantastical editors at TRC give it the okay).

I bet you want to know what the spin off story is? It's about a secondary character who has made a few appearances here and there. I thought this story was going to be a novella, but it's quickly become clear to me that this story deserves a full length novel.

Over the past 72 hours I've cranked out nearly 30k words. Most of them on the new WIP. I have no clue what is going on in the world. I've been completely out of touch. Hopefully, I haven't missed anything of significance. I did notice the GOP is still nuts.

So, it's back to writing today. Darci & Elliot, Lucas & Riley, the story for the Love is Always Write event at M/M Romance on Goodreads, and of course the new WIP.

Oh... want to know who the new WIP is about? Go here and see if you can figure out who he is.