Lucky Sevens Meme - 7 Lines From 2 WIPs

The Lucky Sevens Meme has been going around the last few days. Today, Katrina Strauss inspired me to participate.

Here is how this version of the meme works:

Time for Short Sevens (an alteration of the Lucky Sevens going around today...for the shorter stories.) From page seven, starting on paragraph 7, copy the next seven cheating. Take them from a WIP, new release, coming soon, or book published this year.

Today, in honor of it being Week 7 at The Ravens Crossing and Lucas' & Riley's seventh week together, here is a bit from their story:

Lucas shivered again and looked around at the hectic activity of the claim area. No one was really paying attention to them. People were too busy collecting their bags. He looked left then right, then left again like he was checking the area for safe passage. His heart was thumping so loudly he was sure everyone could hear it, especially Riley.

“Am I interrupting something?” asked a familiar woman a few feet away.

Lucas turned quickly and faced his aunt. She was beaming. Her shoulder length curly hair was a riot of grey and black.

and just to be a tease, here is a bit from my YA WIP that has been consuming all of my time:

“Yeah,” Wayde said.

He felt a light tingling along his skin as Rowan relaxed and let go of the tight energy he had been holding on to. Wayde wondered if Rowan knew how powerful he was. He noticed Rowan rubbing his wrist several times. He knew what was coming. Rowan was going to need help, before he did something accidentally.

Wayde decided to sit in the desk chair. He wanted to give Rowan time to feel comfortable. Not Wayde’s usual operating mode, but as Noella had said ‘when in Rome.’

I'll go with Katrina's suggestion and call "Tag you're it!" to anyone who wants to continue the meme fun.



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