The Devil's Haircut or Call This Untitled #1

It's Wednesday, therefore it's The Ravens Crossing staff meeting day. We're taking ourselves on a field trip. Sounds more exciting than it really is. We're just meeting offsite, rather than at the office. The agenda is short this week as we are knee deep in story continuity. I am looking forward to a fun, creative, and productive time.

So, while we're busy, be sure to head over to TRC and enter to win a $20 Gift Certificate to Amazon. All you need to do is vote on a prom theme for the kids at Wildwood High School. Easy!

On the subject of kids at Wildwood High School, my spin off novel about Rowan Stallings, Riley's younger brother, is slated to be published in June 2012. Yay!

Oh, and check out my author page at Goodreads. It's all official and stuff.

Work on my non young adult WIPs is ongoing, The Hearty Boys, a short story will be part of the Love is Always Write project at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. Those stories begin unveiling sometime in April and will all be free reads (like a ton of them by tons of authors)! Everyone loves free!

Speaking of free and things that have nothing to do with anything-- I freed myself of several inches of hair. The PA says I will hate it, as I always do. I've avoided mirrors ever since my extremely long hair became extremely shorter hair. My judgement about these things in the first 24 hours is never good. At least it grows back.