Blogging and Toilet Paper

I began this blog last May. That anniversary is quickly approaching.  I am beginning to think about what to do, publicly and privately, to celebrate this milestone. The first part of this celebratory madness begins with the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The madness begins Sunday, April 1st and I'll be working my way through the alphabet.



And May 17th - 20th, I'll be participating in the Hop Against Homophobia blog hop.


And then, the one year anniversary of musings & shenanigans will be upon me. The goal for the first year was to blog at least 365 times. I was aiming for every day, but some days are better than others, as the song claims. I haven't blogged every day, but I've managed the 365 fairly well with double, and occasionally triple, posting on wacky days.

Blogging is a surreal and strange experience. Even when no one is reading, bloggers keep blogging. Content continues to add up. One of the benefits of blogging is getting to know readers and other bloggers. I've met some amazing, fantastic, and talented people through this medium.

The flip-side of this journey is the narcissistic nature of blogging, there is certain amount of self-loving one must do to keep the blog active.  Some bloggers plan in advance, others are the fly by the seat of their pants types, and some, like me, fall into that middle category of combining styles. The key to it all is being consistent. Whether you post monthly, weekly, daily, etc., it's important to keep posting.

It may seem like a giant mutual admiration society to folks on the outside. And yes, there are definitely cliques in the blogosphere. Some blogs ricochet into the wild viral category and it's the odd blogger who maintains their sanity while the crazysauce is brewing. Some of my favorite bloggers over the years have catapulted into that realm of wackiness. I have watched some of them fail and others soar. Overall, my favorite bloggers are the ones who keep it real and don’t take themselves too seriously. A healthy dose of humor and self-effacing obfuscation goes a long way.

Meanwhile, all of the mundane things need attending-- someone has to buy the toilet paper, feed the dog, and do the dishes.