The One Where I Guest Blog

Today, I am over at Slash and Burn. Many thanks to Amanda Young for allowing me the opportunity to talk about The Ravens Crossing over there.

Speaking of TRC, this is Week 4 and there is a new installment of Lucas & Riley available for free reading. And I've put up some exclusive members only content about Lucas & Riley over at YA LGBT Books group at Goodreads.

It's been busy, hectic, and a bit crazy at Office Andi lately. I've been so busy writing, that the blog has slipped into hibernation mode. I've got a full plate here, which is a good thing. I am also working on a story for the Love is Always Write anthology for the M/M Romance group at Goodreads.

I like being busy, but I don't like to slack off on the blog. So, I'll be pushing it up to priority mode as I get a handle on the writing schedule.