James Duke Mason

One year ago he launched the "Trailblazer Campaign" to encourage actors, musicians, and others in general to come out. James, the son of musician Belinda Carlisle (the Go-Go's) and Morgan Mason (film producer and grandson of the late James Mason) and has been an influential LGBT advocate and role model.

Coming out is very personal and I strongly believe that each individual should do it in the way that is best for them. No one should ever be outed against their will. And some people will never come out. I can respect that, though I wish for a very different and accepting future for the LGBT community.

As someone who grew up in and around Hollywood, I know how strange the landscape is within the entertainment community, even in 2012. And for those outside of the entertainment community who live in less progressive communities-- the landscape is yet stranger. As much as I wish for a different future, the only way to make that happen is to support and advocate.