Keeping it Going

When I decided to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge I thought 'oh, this should be fun since I blog nearly everyday.'And it has been fun. The best part has been meeting some new blogging friends. But, keeping up has been a challenge.

So, K is for Keeping it Going-- which I am going to do.

It's a busy week here at Office Andi, for those who tune in for the regularly scheduled blogging. The WIP for the Love is Always Write challenge is nearing completion-- thank goodness, as it's due this weekend. Life in Wildwood is moving on at The Ravens Crossing. The other WIP, The Wildwood Knights is coming along nicely and it will be great to see Rowan & Wayde make their entrance into the world of Wildwood. Several other projects are moving forward. The release schedule for summer and fall is going to be quite active.

Tomorrow is the letter L... whatever will I write about?