Books of the Comic Kind

I haven't talked about comics or graphic novels in a while, it's about time I got back to that. Back in September I did a small blog post Openly LGBT Comics and Stuff where I talked about DCnU's New 52 Batwoman, lesbian Kate Kane, and  gay Kevin Keller, in Life with Archie. At that time it had been announced that Kevin would be getting married to his boyfriend. And I am happy to announce the happy day has finally arrived!

This issue of course, has SOLD OUT! But, not without controversy. Over at RedEye, GEEKTOME blogger is sharing his thoughts about the One Million Moms organization who wrote a letter to Toys R' Us complaining about the presence of these comics in the store. And, oh horror of horrors, their prominent display where *gasp* children could see them! No, not the children!

Anyway, Elliot, aka GEEKTOME, has written a great piece Answering the homphobes against "Life With Archie". I think my favorite part is where he rewrites One Million Moms letter to Toys R' Us. Compare below (you can read the entire and very worthwhile one at RedEye):

As a mom, and one of many million, I couldn't be happier to see this on the shelves of Toys R' Us or any other store for that matter. Sexual orientation has been a non-issue for my household from day one. My kids have grown up with the idea that HUMANS in love have every right to pursue a relationship, get married, raise a family, and be accorded the same rights as other humans. This is not about gender, this about love and respect.