Understanding Technology

Tor/Forge E-book Titles to Go DRM-Free. This is good news on the dismantling of DRM front. I am not surprised that publisher Tor/Forge are taking this step. They are smart.

I've been telling friends that DRM would begin to see the end this year. I am happy that a publisher I respect so much is taking this step.

If you don't understand DRM aka Digital Rights Managment:

[DRM] is a class of access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals with the intent to limit the use of digital content and devices after sale. DRM is any technology that inhibits uses of digital content that are not desired or intended by the content provider. DRM also includes specific instances of digital works or devices.

more here. (via Wikipedia)

What's wrong with DRM?

A whole lot. It keeps legitimate consumers from using legitimately purchased e-books, etc from using that legally purchased merchandise from being used on multiple platforms. For example, a consumer purchases an e-book in mobi format-- they can only use that e-book in/or on a system which supports mobi.

Charles Stross explains it better than I can. (via Charlie's Diary)

Won't this encourage illegal use?

If you think DRM stops illegal activity, you are a moron.