Hop Against Homophopia

It's the first day of the Hop Against Homophopia blog hop. The blog hop runs until May 20th and there are nearly 300 blogs participating. Each blog is doing an individual giveaway. I had several ideas about what to giveaway and I finally decided on one of my favorite films, Were The World Mine. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below. You have your choice of the DVD or Instant Video through Amazon. (If you live internationally we'll figure it out). The winner will be selected using random.org and announced on May 21.

Today is the 10th Annual International Day Against Homophobia aka IDAHO. The blog hop kicks off today to coincide with this event.

In 2003, Fondation Émergence organized the first "National Day Against Homophobia" in Québec. Over the next few years, several countries joined the effort and May 17 was designated as the official date to rally international awareness.

Each year IDAHO selects a theme. This year the theme is sexual diversity in the workplace. I am fortunate enough to work in an extremely diverse workplace. I work with a diverse group of people who, variously, fit into the LGBTQIA alphabet. Everyone is accepted on their ability not their gender identity or sexual orientation. I hope in the future this will become the rule instead of the exception. 

I work with an amazing group of people on a project which promotes diversity and a positive message for young adults. I'll be sharing more about my work at The Ravens Crossing (TRC) each day of the blog hop. I hope that visitors to this blog will check out what we are doing at TRC and share it with others.

A good place to start at TRC is First Time Here?

The Ravens Crossing (TRC) is a LGBTQIA friendly series. It’s  a young adult, sci/fi fantasy, internet series set in a fictional world within a real city. TRC is a continuity story, told through 1000 word flash fiction segments, involving multiple characters, multiple points of view, and one goal: To tell a continuing tale of extraordinary events.

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