Hop Against Homophobia Continues

I am fortunate to work with a great team of people on a fantastic project called The Ravens Crossing. TRC is a YA LGBTQIA fictional web series. Currently, there are thirteen main characters written by three authors. We have just passed our three month mark for the first season. Stories are posted six days a week.

TRC is a completely fictional world set in a real city. It's a science fiction/fantasy continuity series. There are continuing story lines and lots of romance.

It's a huge project and we wouldn't be able to do it without the support of our families, volunteer staff members, and our friends in the LGBT community.

Two of the main characters I write about are Lucas & Riley:

Lucas Holden

Lucas has spent most of his life taking care of himself and staying out of trouble. He’s never been in the closet, but he hasn’t exactly lit up a neon sign advertising he’s gay either. As the only child of an unemployed, absentee, single mother, Lucas has done everything possible to maintain his grades, play two sports, and plan for a college get-out-of-town card. If it weren’t for the support of his great-aunt Katherine and family friend Pierre Broussard, he’d have given up long ago.

When Pierre and his husband are killed in an accident, Lucas finds himself heir to Pierre’s estate. He now has a stable home, a car, a business to deal with, and a position as a board member of the Broussard Youth Center. His mother has run off, Pierre is gone, and he is an emancipated minor. Only his best friend and secret crush, Riley, is aware of how much Lucas has to handle.

It’s his junior year in high school and Lucas is thrust into the spotlight of Wildwood. Trying to balance what he can control and understand what he can’t. He thinks things can’t get more complicated, until Riley makes it clear that Lucas is the love of his life. This is one situation Lucas is not ready to deal with.

Riley Stallings

Riley met Lucas during their first year in middle school when they both joined the lacrosse team. After being suspended for staging a mock fight with their lacrosse sticks, everything clicked.  They’ve been best friends ever since. From lacrosse and soccer triumphs to boyfriend fails, they’ve been there for each other every time. Even in-school suspension.

It’s junior year of high school and Riley is active in the Gay Straight Alliance, student government, soccer, and lacrosse. He is the guy everyone wants to have around, always willing to lend a helping hand or a stunning smile. Riley is the oldest of the four Stallings kids, he has involved parents, and supportive family. He cares for his family a great deal, but he is ready to start living his own life. He and Lucas are applying to the same colleges and plan to be roommates. If things go according to Riley’s plan, they will become something more. Riley can’t imagine a future without Lucas. The challenging part is getting him to agree.

Riley thinks his biggest obstacles are the growing complications in Lucas’s life. But, when life in Wildwood begins to spin out of control, Riley learns what he is willing to sacrifice to safeguard their future.


The Hop Against Homophopia blog hop continues through May 20th and there are nearly 300 blogs participating. Each blog is doing an individual giveaway. I had several ideas about what to giveaway and I decided on one of my favorite films, Were The World Mine. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below. You have your choice of the DVD or Instant Video through Amazon. (If you live internationally we'll figure it out). The winner will be selected using random.org and announced on May 21.