I Stole This From John Scalzi

Actually, I didn't steal anything from him. But, someone else did. And this offensive person stole from several other sci-fi authors. So, I am just gonna steal Scalzi's blog post, cause I am racing my own deadline for a manuscript, and time is precious. I don'f think Scalzi will mind me re-blogging his blog. He's at SDCC anyway, the jerk. He's really not a jerk, I am just feeling left out of SDCC.

Take a Moment Out of Your Day to Shame an Appalling Thief

Namely, this dude, who uploaded to Amazon Kindle Store under his own name a bunch of science fiction works by others, including myself, CJ Cherryh, and Robert Heinlein. I’d note that in my case, in addition to ripping me off, he’s also ripping off Bob Eggleton, who did the inside art for the story. A bunch of scathing one-star reviews would be nice.

I will of course be filing a DMCA claim against this schmuck with Amazon in short order (as should all the folks or estates affected), but in the meantime mocking this dude for being stupid enough to think he could get away with this is the order of the day.

Also, Amazon: A little more oversight of Kindle submission process would be lovely.