The Ravens Crossing Update

It's busy around here! I've got this to do list that keeps growing. I am knee deep in research and working on final edits for The Ravens Crossing anthology. I don't see anything slowing down in the forseeable future.

The Ravens Crossing wrapped up our Season 1 finale in July and we are working hard on Season 2, which premieres August 6. We've got adult spin off stories at Goodreads as part of the Love is Always Write anthology. You have to join Goodreads and the M/M Romance group to read the stories. Joining is free for both. Right now you can read Amanda Corlies' Cory's Pride and West Thornhill's Advantage Cross -- both feature cameos of Wildwood. As soon as my story The Hearty Boys goes live, I will let you all know. And all of the stories are free along with over 150 others. Lots of free summer reading there.

We are also working on other YA spin off stories for The Ravens Crossing. I will update as soon we iron out the production scedule.

And now, back to work.