236 Years Ago...

... The Declaration of Independence was adopted. I re-read it this morning. I am always amazed that we are still here and a sovereign nation. We're far from perfect, but I appreciate what we have.

It's been a difficult time here in the mid-Atlantic region. We were hit with a wacky storm called a Derecho on Friday, June 29. Many people are still without electricity. I was fortunate to get power back late Sunday. Right now, I've got several people camped out at Chez Andi aka Camp Andi. The Red Cross and National Guard have been amazing with bringing in ice, water, and providing cool shelters.

I've got a lot of catching up to do with WIPs, edits, The Ravens Crossing, and life in general. Right now, we are all working hour by hour to get through the days. And each day gets a little better as life returns to normal around us.

Have a lovely day wherever you are. Happy 4th of July!


The AIDS Quilt on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

The Quilt is on display today for the Folklife Festival.