A Derecho, A Proposal, and Marriage Equality

It's been a long, long week here at Chez Andi. All of which began with the Derecho Storm that devastated the area I live in. After living without electricity and all of its conveniences I am really happy that most everyone I know has had their power restored, because it's really effing hot here.

I've almost gotten a good nights sleep, but I am still working on wonky time. I am behind on every deadline. We've had to replace all of our food. We still have one tree in our backyard that needs something more powerful than my handy-dandy hand saw. Slowly, life is returning to normal.

Today I've been writing, trying to play catch up, and doing research. I am working on a wedding story and came across this really fantastic video proposal.

Danny Rose wrote this song and made this video to propose to his boyfriend Aaron. I'd have said yes. And if you go to iTunes and buy the song, 100% of the proceeds go to marriage equality. Yay!

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