3 Days From Today, 10 Days Ago

Writing an ongoing YA series about a time traveler has me uber aware of the passage of time. Especially, time lost. Ten days ago millions of people were without electricity, including me. Three days from now, I won't be at Comic-Con. Someone(s) will be walking around with these bags from Warner Bros. and I really want one, or maybe six. Let's not even talk about all the other cool shit I won't be doing at Comic-Con.

Last week, all I cared about was restored electricity and finding ice/groceries/a hot meal/and a shower. Okay, there was a moment when I had a, well, moment. It went something like this:

Amanda Corlies, my lovely writer friend and bff, brought some non-perishables and fruit over to my family. Everyone was thrilled. And then...

Andi looks through the bags. "This was really nice of Amanda. Look, apples, bananas, grapes, bread, Pringles, and cookies."

The PA begins putting things away in the dark. Rage grabs the grapes. Chibi steals the Pringles.

Andi frowns at the booty. "How the hell am I supposed to have cookies without coffee? Who brings me cookies when I can't have coffee?"

Rage stops in his tracks, turns around, and laughs. "First World problems, mom."


Now that my First World problems are solved. I have the ability to make coffee again. I'm really, really happy about it. Really.

Somehow in all the madness of last week the staff at TRC managed to get a few things done. One of which was the reveal of our new book cover for The Ravens Crossing Anthology.

The book will be available soon.