What Do Curiosity and The Ravens Crossing Have in Common?

They are the two things which occupy my time-- when, I am not having interruptions.

It's been a bit wacky here at Office Andi. Amazingly, my house was affected by lightning yet again. This time it was my entire neighborhood. I've had on again, off again service for days. The service provider assures the neighborhood that they have done their tech-y mojo and finally fixed the issue. Let's hope so.

The Ravens Crossing began its Season Two premiere week on Monday. Really, go check it out. It's all free reads over there, for a good cause. We're creating a place where LGBTQ and Ally youth can relax and read fiction with happy endings. That's not to say things are easy all the time for our characters. It's a great story written by three authors-- all set in one universe. It's an amazing project and I am proud to be a part of it. So, please check out what we are doing and let others know about it.

And if you haven't seen this high resolution picture of Mars-- you really need to go look at it. Breathtaking!